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As a trusted provider of industry-leading payment technologies and award-winning currency market expertise, IJʿ works with your business to understand specific challenges and objectives to best tailor relevant solutions.

Partnership Opportunities With IJʿ

From customized payment processes to plug-and-play, IJʿ’s innovative technologies meet your FX business needs.

Partner Solutions

Discover the flexibility of partnering with IJʿ based on your current and future needs⁠—we are here to provide your desired level of FX support and integrations.



Flexible Integration with IJʿ



Process to Partnering Solutions

Ready to explore a simpler, seamless approach to IJʿ and Risk Management solutions with IJʿ?




Flexible API Integration

We’ve designed all of our FX solutions to save your business time and money for transacting globally—our API offering is no exception. We’ve taken care of all the heavy lifting to give you the power to increase your speed of business in the rapidly changing payments world.

White Label Powered By IJʿ

Co-Branded Payment Platform

By co-branding our online payment and reporting platform, you can help your clients manage all aspects of their FX from anywhere. Whether they are making supplier payments, checking holding account balances, adding or updating beneficiaries, or requesting a monthly transaction report, your branded 24-hour trading platform allows your clients to do so easily and securely. 

Our company has been doing business with IJʿ for over 15 years and has always received efficient, accurate and trusted service.
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