API Overview

IJʿ’s global payments service is available in two configurations, via our robust Open API or Co-Branded online payments platform.



The IJʿ API allows clients & partners to fully automate both International and Domestic Payment processes within your business processes and technology. Our API solution streamlines your coding by encapsulating many third-party connections and business logic into easy-to-use steps. Additionally, our API provides the ultimate flexibility while building custom FX functionality into your systems.

The IJʿ API enables access to the including:

♦  Real-Time Quotes  ♦  Spot Transactions  ♦  Transaction Funding  ♦  Add/Edit Beneficiaries  ♦  Fixed & Window Forwards  ♦  Payment Reports   ♦  Payment Delivery  ♦  End-to-end Payment Tracking  ♦  Take Profit Orders  ♦  Notifications Management  ♦  FX Holding Account Management


Why API?

Embedding a domestic and international payments product into your current business service provides:

  • Ease of use
  • Top tier support
  • Proven experience streamlining payment processes
  • Scalability
  • New revenue sources
  • Enhanced client retention
  • Competitive advantage



Co-Branded IJʿ Online

IJʿ Online is the most advanced online payment platform in the market today. The system combines ease-of-use, clean intuitive design, full domestic and international payments functionality, multi-tier approval, and topnotch security. Available online and as a mobile app for iOS and Android platforms.

Co-branding our online payment and reporting platform allows you to manage all aspects of your IJʿ relationship from anywhere. Whether you make supplier payments, check holding account balances, add or update beneficiaries, or request a monthly transaction report, our 24/7 trading platform allows clients to do so easily and securely.

IJʿ Online
Key benefits of Co-branded label
  • Sell under your Brand
  • Strengthens your product offering
  • Quick time to market, let IJʿ do the heavy lifting
  • Cost savings⁠—No long development projects tying up resources
  • Revenue flexibility⁠—Set your own pricing points
  • Highly experienced⁠—36 years of FX excellence as part of the global IJʿ group, $650mm payments daily



IJʿ works with clients and partners to first understand business challenges and objectives. This insight enables us to the define the most relevant solutions while working in a collaborative manner with clients and partners. A team of IJʿ professionals engages to manage the project in an efficient manner. Typical resources on an implementation project include:


  1. Business Relationship Manager
  2. Integration Product Specialist
  3. Project Manager
  4. Marketing Support



IJʿ is flexible in configuring solutions that make the most business sense for clients and partners. Typical timelines to implement:

Typical API Integration Schedule

Explore a simpler, seamless and integrated approach to global payments with IJʿ.

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