ellie neely

Hi there!

My name is Elliana Asha Neely but you can call me Ellie. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been drawn to beauty. Growing up that translated into creating Neverland drawings in my Grandma’s California garden to rearranging the ‘gallery walls’ of my bedroom to make it look artful and chic. I’ve always loved working with my hands—making things around me beautiful and interesting through painting, drawing, interior decorating, and photography.

Now my art looks more like creating thoughtful photography content, visually curating a retail store through buying and merchandising, as well as creating and installing window displays alongside other artists.

I notice details in everything and I find the small things and make them the focal point. If you’re interested in creating something beautiful and valuable, I know we’ll be a good fit.

Let’s chat soon.


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